Author: Gianni Farneti

Gianni Farneti

Journalist, writer, tourism and ecology expert.

As a journalist, I was involved in the management of the Italian magazine, Panorama, and the Italian dailies, Il Giorno, and Il Messaggero.

I then founded and directed Gulliver, a monthly travel and lifestyle magazine that was an extraordinary success, with sales reaching 300,000 copies.

A long-serving member of the WWF, I wrote a ‘Guide to Nature In Italy’, alongside Fulco Pratesi and Franco Tassi, then director of the National Park of Abruzzo. This book was printed in many Italian and foreign editions, and was followed by several regional guides to nature written ​​by myself and other authors. Titles of some of my other books: ‘The Last Adventurers’: a story about the African mercenaries in the ‘60s and ‘70s; ‘Modigliani, a story of fake art and of a complete hoax’ (the hoax carried out by some young men in Livorno which I revealed in the Italian magazine, Panorama); ‘Charming Homes in the Italian Countryside: A Guide to Romantic Agriturismi’; ‘Charming Bed & Breakfasts and Small Hotels in Italy’. Finally, recently- published by Rizzoli editors: ‘1,000 Oases and Parks to Visit in Italy’ (preface by Fulco Pratesi).